Mar de las Pampas | Argentina

Mar de las Pampas

The major highlight of my trip to Argentina was the trip down to the coast, specifically Mar de las Pampas which is about a 6 hour bus ride <north?> of Buenos Aires. We (Florencia and I) left Buenos Aires around 10 am on Thursday morning and arrived in Ville Gesell (more on that in a moment) around 5 pm. The trip was relatively comfortable with the bus being equipped with a toilet, TV and packed lunch. It did get a bit cold aboard due to the air con blasting the whole way down so a blanket was needed. Our stay at the coast consisted of two parts. One night camping in Ville Gesell (20 minutes bus from Mar de las Pampas) and 2 nights / 3 days at Mar de las Pampas following that. Read more »

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Back to Buenos Aires


Truth be told, I just could not keep myself away. For the past 9 months, I have been floating around South Africa and Namibia. Found the most awesome job in Swakopmund as a software developer and life is going swell at the moment. Picked up running as my sporting activity of choice and trying to live a well-rounded lifestyle in general. I will at some point deliver a blog post about Swakopmund and all that can be done there. I should actually invest some writing time into Namibia in general. I just struggle to find time with the full-time job and well, I am lazy too.

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No One Lives Forever


I have just finished publishing yet another season of Brazen Braden Plays! This time I delved into the secretive world of spies and their efforts to save the world from the attempts of world domination by evil power-hungry megalomaniacs. No One Lives Forever (a.k.a NoLF) is a fantastic FPS title sporting some of the funniest humour in its script and execution that I have come across. I played the second one years ago and that was a blast but keeping with my theme of playing old games will see me give NoLF2 a skip (unless requested by popular demand). If you have not yet played NoLF then go on and have a look at my play-through. Here is the link to the playlist.

No One Lives Foreve Playlist

Hope you enjoy it and keep your eyes peeled. Will be starting a new season on another title soon. Keep gaming! :)

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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

Having some spare time on my hands, I have been actively recording gameplay videos for YouTube. Clive Barkers’ Undying is over and this time I take a look at Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. I enjoy playing the older games as they have a nostalgia value. Recording is done but I’m releasing an episode once every two days. Check them out with the link below to the playlist.

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Playlist

If you have any recommendations for what I should play and record next, let me know in a comment below :)

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Clive Barkers’ Undying

Since my travelling days are suspended for now, I have moved back into the real of PC Games and have subsequently started a new game play-through series this time playing Clive Barker’s Undying. If you recall, a few months ago I completed System Shock 2 for YouTube. I anticipate expanding my YouTube portfolio from now on wards.

Clive Barker, the father of horror, is an accomplished author, director and artist. Undying, released in 2001, was the first game to carry Clive Barkers’ name. He is behind the famous Books of Blood which have been the inspiration multiple movies and games. There were approximately 5 games planned to carry the Clive Barker name but unfortunately, only two made it out. Undying being the first and later, Clive Barker’s Jericho which I have played and finished in the past.

Clive Barkers’ Undying is a horror survival against supernatural forces in a twisted world makes which makes Undying a great horror romp which still provides a wealth of scares today. Feel free to head over to my Clive Barkers’ Undying Playlist and if you enjoy my videos, please do subscribe, comment and / or share. Thanks.

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Galavanting Around Buenos Aires

So my time with Tucan Travel and the rest of the tour is over. What an amazing adventure. Explored new terrain, learnt about new cultures and made new friends. Had an enjoyable ride down to Lima with Jono and spent just a few short days in Lime while waiting for my flight to Buenos Aires (‘BA’). Although the tour is over, the adventures continue. When I was last in Buenos Aires, I spent most of my time partying and getting to know the other people on the tour. I missed out on the various Arras and popular tourist traps that BA have to offer. Now I had the opportunity to spend the next 20 days exploring the city with a close friend of mine. What follows in this post are my experiences in various areas such as Recoleta, La Boca, the country side and more. Read more »

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Road Tripping Back to Lima

SO my post-trip plans have changed quite substantially. Initially I intended to fly to Seattle from Quito and spend 3 week road tripping willy nilly until flying home to Namibia. Then I decided to fly from Quito back to Buenos Aires (BA) as spending 3 weeks in the USA wouldn’t really accomplish much and I would rather save the USA to do a complete trip later on, plus BA has been my favourite city so far and having picked up a decent level of Spanish, I would like to further that with a proper Spanish course. Now, due to hassles booking the flight from Quito, I decided to road trip with Jono our truck driver back down to Lima, Peru as he has to transfer Doris (our truck) there. Flights from Lima to BA are cheaper and direct unlike the Quito flights which would have me go via Panama of all places. So I write this post while sitting up front in the truck with Jono listening to ‘tranquilo’ music and having random conversations. Read more »

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Taming the Amazon

This as been one of the main excursions that people have been looking forward to. South America is famous for a few things but none is mentioned more than the Amazon Jungle which to this day is still a mysterious place with strange tribes and mythological creatures. Even though we were not in the Amazon proper but on the outskirts, once beyond the tree line, it is as good as the real deal. We were to stay in a lodge separated from civilization by a river and every day was packed with activities to keep us busy. For only $140, this is probably the cheapest but most involved excursions of the trip. Read more »

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Banos – An Adrenaline Pumping Experience

We arrived at Pequeno Paraiso (Small Paradise) our camp site around 4pm after a 10 hour drive day from Cuenca. Pequeno Paraiso is a very cool spot with great camping lawns, fresh mountain water pool, cooking facilities, TV room, hot water 24/7 and friendly pets. As we arrived, we were informed about the various activities on offer, some of which included rafting, canyoning, treks and bridge swings. A short video detailing the activities had my mind set on what I was to do. Canyoning (as as of yet, I have skipped all other canyoning excursions) and the terrifying bridge swing (little did I know I was going to be doing TWO of them!). Read more »

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Huacachina – Sand in the Ears!

Huacachina is smack-dab in the middle of a desert. An oasis town with not all that much to do except for the desert excursion. As soon as we arrived, we grabbed our day packs and jumped out on the doorstep of the desert excursion company we were using. They showed us to our vehicles which were essentially large 11 man dune buggies and we were on our way. The noise vibrations these things gave off was enough to set off all the car alarms of parked vehicles that we passed. These buggies had power. After passing through the entrance to the desert, we were off for an awesome adventure. Read more »

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