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Another Weekend in Diani

Posted by on October 9, 2011

What a difference it is to get out of the city for just a day or two. Headed back down to Diani with Philip, Granny Philip and Chantell for a weekend away. If you recall,  just two weeks ago, I was down there for a little camping excursion in tiwi (which is just 15 minutes from the town of Diani). This time, we went in search of a beach cottage / lodge / chalet. After a short search, we stumbled upon a gold mine.

A few kilometers down the road sits quiet and affordable chalets. Diani Beachalets as it is called. Situated right on the beach, the chalets are comfortable and accommodating. At just 3,800 shillings (/-) a night for four (works out to about $8 a person) you get a 2 bedroom cottage (4 people sharing) with large dinning room, fully equipped kitchen and decent bathroom facilities (including hot water for showers etc.). All beds come equipped wth mosquito nets but we ended up not needing them as the cool breeze kept the mosquitoes at bay.

We arrived in Diani around 10am thanks to a minimal queue at the ferry. After finding our accommodation, we popped over to 40 thieves for breakfast (well, it was closer to lunch than breakfast) and the end of the England – France game (rugby of course). It was back to the chalet after that to relax on the beach and have a swim. Water was wonderful if a little cloudy. Just sitting back and relaxing really rejuvenates the mind and body. There was the inevitable beach boy who needed fending off (they really don’t get the message first time) but other than that, all was good. It was spectacular to whitness a fully formed rainbow fill the sky infront of us. The heavens must have been celebrating Chantell in her new bikini :P

Supper was had at a food court with all the necessities (the name eludes me currently). Bar area, lounge, pool tables etc. We managed to get the DJ to play some of our requests. My request, “House of the Rising Sun” – the Animals (yes, I know its old and contrasted the African dance type music that was playing but I rather enjoy that track) was followed by Philip’s which was “Mr. Politician” by Eric Wainania. Chantell’s “Lookie Lookie” by STL (a Kenyan artist) was nowhere to be found much to Chantell’s disappointment. Coming back “home”, a short walk on the beach, which was wonderfully lit up by the moon, precluded a much needed restful sleep.

There was early rising to be done on Sunday as the Springboks were playing the Wallabies in the quarter final at 8am. They (South Africa) lost :'(, which means we are out of the world cup. Nevertheless, a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast was followed by a relaxing nap on the beach at 40 Thieves. The weather pulled in and a short downpour ensued. It was a good end to a good weekend.

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  1. connie

    Sounds like a divine place- the pics were great!

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