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Birthday braai at Nguuni

Posted by on October 31, 2011

Today we celebrate my fathers Xth birthday (need to ask permission before I plaster his age all over the Internet :P). Happy Birthday Pops!! To celebrate, it was decided that we should venture out to nature sanctuary and bird watcher paradise, Nguuni, which is approximately 20 minutes (traffic willing of course) outside Mombasa through the Bamburi area. Patience is required for the T-junction which stands between you and Nguuni. It seems to be matatu (local minibus transport) central and everyone’s got water on the brain or something as it is absolute chaos! Took us almost 20 minutes to get through 50 meters of road!

Regardless, Nguuni is worth the trip. I recommend making the little journey in a 4×4 as the roads are not very good and the driveway within Nguuni to the braai site is far from smooth. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your undercarriage left behind accidentally. Get to the braai site and all negative travel experiences disappear. Take a look at the attached images as they will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. There are no ‘dangerous’ animals here which means rather tame giraffes and eland. Around 5pm is feeding time with food pellets scattered across a table top. The giraffe and eland eat together quite happily which prove a good time for some great photos. Don’t panic if a giraffe wanders over to you. You are as curious to them as they are of you.

Anyhoo, back to the events of the evening. We got there around 16:30. A large bonfire was lit which us ‘young ones’ sat around while the old fogies chatted up a storm elsewhere. At around 18:00 corns where thrown on the coals, the meat placed on the fire and the multitude of salads unmasked. My oh my was there meat for Africa! Unfortunately, the park closes around 20:30 so there was no time to loiter about the bonfire after dinner. Bellies full and eyes heavy, we all went our own ways. All-in-all a good sociable night.


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