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Mentally Preparing for the Tour

Posted by on January 30, 2012

Last week was rather crazy. Didn’t have much time until my folks left for South Africa and Namibia so we had to use the time we had to ensure I had everything I needed. That meant racing around town trying to find every bit and bob suggested by Tucan Travel for the tour. Couldn’t acquire everything but managed to check off a decent number of items on the very long list. This post, however, is not about my shopping requirements. It is more about my thoughts and feelings (yes, one of those deep reflective type posts) regarding the up-and-coming trip. 

Looking at all my ticket and tour voucher printouts, it is obvious that I am going on this trip yet it is still rather surreal. A bit like a dream you could say. Considering that I have done a fair amount of travelling in the past, it shouldn’t. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this it is my first trip alone. I have always been with the folks during our travels and it’s easy to just sit back and enjoy the ride while they organise and plan everything. Now it all rests on my shoulders. Making sure I have the right tickets, documents and mental state for this expedition makes me nervous. Not a bad “I’m going to be sick” type nervousness. It’s more like jumping on a snowboard for the first time. Looking forward to the rush but nervous you might face-plant a tree trunk in the process. Let’s call them “pre-tour jitters”.

The realisation of it all will probably poke me in the eye the moment I actually start packing my bag.  Currently, it’s sitting on my spare bed next to the massive assortment of goodies needed for the tour. Once those goodies start migrating into the bag will probably be the affirmation needed for all this to sink in.  I suppose I will get to that a week before I depart so I have enough time to identify anything outstanding and get that sorted out. Speaking of sorting things out, still waiting on this darn travel insurance. I think I should dedicate a blog post to my trials and tribulations regarding the nightmare which is travel insurance :/ – don’t want to end up like the guy in the main image!

But this post is not meant to be negative! I feel like a little child on Christmas eve. Will Santa come? And if so, what will he bring? That “ants-in-your-pants” type excitement is here to keep me from relaxing. I have met a few of the people on the tour and they seem like a great bunch. The tours and trips offered during our stay in South America are amazing. The experiences to be had are out-of-this-world. I have enough anticipation to fuel a small country! Meet me in person and you wouldn’t know it. Never been one of those hoppity-skip or “whooo girl” type people (if you know what I mean) so you”d be forgiven for thinking that I am a Dexter (not the boy genius one). I’m a “happy-on-the-inside” type (I have used a lot of hyphens in the post huh).

Just have a few last things to tick off. Basically finished (just some final tweaks) the website for Baracuda Diving Kenya which you can check out using the link provided.   *ADVERT* Remember to call them up when you are next in Mombasa and want to experience the thrills of diving on our fantastic reef! *END ADVERT* Otherwise not all that much left. Sad having to turn down possible sources of income yet time is running out and I do not want to be stuck with commitments I cannot complete.

Alas, my fingers have gotten away from me. I’m sure that is enough rambling from my side. Will try get at least 2 more posts out before I leave and then I hope there is a decent amount of internet access so I can keep you all updated.

Till next time :)

2 Responses to Mentally Preparing for the Tour

  1. connie

    It is amazing how fast time is speeding by- like you said, it is going to be amazing. Your analogy to a snow board, I think was appropriate :)

    Looking forward to your posts as you enjoy this new adventure. We will be waiting for you on this side!

    • Estelle

      You are going to have a wonderful time! One week left!! How exciting! Just sorry I wont be there to see you off!

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