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Brazil – Leaving Thoughts

Posted by on March 10, 2012

Obrigado Brazil

Well, that brings us to the end of Brazil. There is still a lot to explore here I am sure as the furthest north we went was Rio (which is not very high at all). Even though we are doing most of the countries in South America, I would still like to head on up north to countries like Venuzeala and Columbia. Andyway, Brazil has been awesome for the most part. Besides a couple ailments which afflicted me, everything was peachy. After hearing people ramble on about high risk of food poisoning etc, I am pleasantly surprised to say that those claims are a little overrated. Perhaps all the hardcore Punjabi curries have hardend by gut. Who knows.

It’s hard to say what the highlights of Brazil have been. There was obviously some amazing events and experiences to be had at all stops. But some of my best times were simply spend sitting at a beach bar in Paraty for the afternoon having a couple bears and just staring out over the mirror smooth bay into the distance. Partying it up in Rio de Janiero or walking around a natural world wonder for 6 hours are awesome things to do but sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back, relax and recover a bit from the go-go activities. Just because I’m in Brazil doesn’t mean I must constantly be doing or seeing something. That can actually detract from the experience. Tourist attractions are all good and well but some of the most interesting information can be gleaned from some friendly locals on the beach or in a bar. Everything in proportion I guess is what I’m saying.

Anyway, that’s the end of Brazil. Obrigado. It’s been a blast.

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  1. connie

    sounded amazing- looking forward to your future updates

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