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Hello Argentina and the Iguazu Falls!

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Buenos diaz Argentina. We have left Brazil behind and now continue our adventure here. The border crossing was a breeze. Didn’t even have to get out of the truck. A guide which we were going to be using for the Iguazu falls took all our passports and got them ok’d by the officials. After passport control, we drove over the river which seperated Brazil from Argentina. The concrete walls of the bridge were painted green and gold for half of the bridge and then turned into blue and white symbolizing that we were now officially on the other side. First stop was the falls which are apparently better on this side than the Brazil side. Well, here is my opinion.

The Iguazu Falls

Since I have just recently blogged about the falls, I will try not to repeat myself. We paid our entrance of 100 pesos and made our way inside with our guide Pedro (yes, that was really his name). First stop was the activity booth where we could buy tickets to various optional tours and activities. Most of us opted for the 125 peso Adventura Natura which was a short boat trip up to two sections of the falls. Once for pictures and the second time for a solid dunking as they litterally drove the boat into the waterfalls. It only lasted about 12 minutes in total but was jolly good fun. Since my clothes were already soaked from sweat, I decided to do the adventure fully clothed. It did rinse me off and help me keep cool for a while which was good. Another sweltering day.

The boat trip was the action packed part of the day. Other than that, there were some nature trails and waterfall walks which allowed for sightings of monkeys and some strange racoon like creature. The walks were all very scenic and the largest being just over a km long, it wasnt too hard to walk them even with the heat. The best scenic bit by far was “The Devils Throat” or as it is refered to in Spanish, Garganta do Diabo. You can either walk the 4km to the start of the route or take a rickety old train which we did take on the way up to the route. Should have walked as we waited for almost 45 minutes for it. Only once it arrived did I figure out why. It’s soo slow and they have to support 2 other stations that it takes ages for it to come back around. Word of advice: if you want to take the train up and it has just left, you are better of walking the 4km as that will take half the time and it is not a bad walk.

Personally, I do think the Argentinian side was better than the Brazilian side. They are both different so it is not really fair to compare them but I enjoyed this side more. The adventure boat trip is by all means better on this side for sure but as far as the waterfalls are concerned, it depends what you want. Brazil offers a view of the expanse of waterfalls where as Argentina gets you right on top of them and you get up close to the millions of tonnes of water crashing on the rocks below. I’m more a fan of the chaos than the peace so thats why I choose Argentina. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of opinion.

6 Hours Later

We spent a solid 6 hours on this side of the falls (compared to 2 hours on the Brazilian side) and my feet was killing me. Tough walking so much wearing flipflops. It was a great relief to find that the camping grounds we were staying at for the next 2 nights had 2 swimming pools, a restuarant, shop and free fast wifi. Spent the following day outside by the pool all day long (mostly on the internet). Athough not cheap, things here seem to be more reasonable than Brazil which is a little weight off my pocket (and mind). Leaving here, we have two full days on the road till we get to Buenos Aires and I’m looking forward to the time we get to spend there. Going to be in a proper hostel and finally get to sleep on a proper bed. As awesome as camping is, my back can only take so much from a cm thick mat. Oh the small pleasures in life!

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