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Into Patagonia We Head

Posted by on March 21, 2012

With Buenos Aires behind us we hit the road. Next stop, Patagonia! Ok, to be fair, it’s a little bit far so there was some free-camping to be had inbetween. But as I write this post now, we are on the truck (it’s not a bus!) slowly making our way to Ushuaia which is better known as ‘The End of the World”. Spent two days in a city called Pueto Madryn but there was not that much there so not going to bother writing about it. Just walked around town really. Was recovering from a  cold so didn’t do any form of partying. It is starting to get cold. Been a while since I last had visible vapour come out my mouth when breathing. Besides getting up and putting the tent down at 6am in the dark and the rain, I’m quite enjoying the change of temperature (for now).

On our way, we stopped off for a couple hours at a penguin colony. There are aproximately 8000 Megellanic penguins here and it is Feltching so it looks like most of them are shedding off their brown feathers to reveal the true black and white colours of the older ones. Took a walk along a walkway through the middle of the colony. An obvious tourist attraction as the penguins didn’t even flinch. I had a sit down next to one who was giving me a shifty look to have my picture taken. Do not be fooled though, even though these chaps are used to people, they will still take your finger off if you give it to them. There was strictly no touching allowed signs everywhere. Must say, that short little visit was the highlight of this journey so far.

Really looking forward to Ushuaia and say I have been to the “End of the World”. From here on out, the drive days get shorter with more stops and excursions to be had. Ushuaia offers nature walks in a national park, many museums and it is the place where trips to Antartica leave from. Our itenary is looking exciting. Glacier walks and climbing, huskey sledding, kayaking through glacier canals and hiking up an active volcano are some of the highlights to look forward to. Expect a very long post (assuming I can afford these excursions!) soon. Me out.

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