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Ushuaia – The End of the World

Posted by on March 21, 2012

I am at the “End of the World”! Ushuaia is the southern most city on the very tip of Argentina. To get here, we had to pass through Chile and Tierra del Fuegos which is Spanish for “Fireland” even though there was not fire to be seen. We had a massive drive day of 15 hours and got into camp around 01:30. Rather nippy would be an understatement! It was also raining / sleeting which didn’t help in having to set up the tent. At least the camping ground we are staying in has a nice inside area and kitchen so there was no need to set up the cookers, tables and other equipement we have been using at other campsites. We spending 2 days here so best to make use of the time we have.

Up early the next morning, had breakfast then headed into town to the Tourist Information center. We were informed about the various trips and walks which could be done. There is a boat trip up the Beagle channel but from all reports, it was not worth it. Rather, we headed into town to visit the Naval and “End of the World” museum. The Naval museum was rather interesting. The history of why Ushuaia is here, who the native people were (none of them exist today sadly as “westernisation” killed them off) and how the naval base used to be a prison. Tickets were 70 pesos which for a museum is rather expensive in my books but we did spend a good 3 hours going through it.

The “End of the World” museum wanted 85 pesos for entrance but a quick peak behind the curtain lay to rest any intentions of paying that. The major attraction of the museum in the first place was to get an “End of the World” stamp in my passport but the stamp was just the museum. The tourist information center had a variety of 6 stamps which were a lot better and so I got my passport stamped there for free (saving space for the Machu Picchu stamp too of course). The rest of the day was spent hiking around the city doing a lot of window shopping. I did buy a balaclava as my head and ears were starting to feel the cold and I don’t own a beanie or any other warm head gear. So now my head is warm but it looks like I’m going to be robbing a bank or something :p

Another option was to visit the National Park here and go walkies. I decided against it as at 85 pesos entrance and another 85 pesos bus ride as well as “negative” reviews, I figured i’s not worth it. I have been to a fair few national parks in my time so I do not feel the need to walk around this one for a few hours without the chance of seeing any wild-life. It’s really just a walk in nature. Rather save the money for the exciting up-and-coming excursions such as glacier and volcano hikes, dog sledding and kayaking through glacier channels. All those options will be available in the next couple of stops.

Anyway, leaving Ushuaia tomorrow. Taking the day off to get some blog posts up and did have a little bit of a night out last night. Went with the entire group (almost) to an Irish pub called Dublin. It was a good night with some good banter although, the local homebrew left much to be desired. Reminded me of the home-made german beer in Swakopmund with its murky opague colour. The taste wasn’t the best either. But it was an experience none-the-less. It has been fun and I’m glad I can say “I have been to the End of the World”. Bragging rights? :p

One Response to Ushuaia – The End of the World

  1. Helen

    there seem to be a crazy number of Irish Pubs considering you’re in Argentina! Funny how they make their way all around the world!

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