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Pucon – HydroSpeed and Natural Hot Springs

Posted by on April 23, 2012

Our second last stop in Chile, Pucon is a great town with a decent selection of excursions available. We were also told that Pucons nightlife was some of the best in Chile however there was not much going on at all. Perhaps that’s because it was Easter and people were staying at home celebrating with their families. Regardless, relaxing at the hot springs after a morning of hydrospeed ensured a good time in Pucon. More on those excursions below. Our camp grounds were comfortable and for once only a 2 minute walk to town. It can get expensive to have to continually rely on taxis to get about. Anyway, on to the fun!


I’d never heard of HydroSpeed until this excursion. The concept is quite simple really. Jump on a plastic body board and body surf your way down rapids. Fully kitted out from head to toe in wet suit gear, we headed into the rather nippy river with our plastic rock scrapers. After a very basic introduction on how to use it, we were sent off down the river to face some grade 3 rapids. The first one did take me by surprise and I slammed by hip into the board giving me a limp for the following two days but it was a quick lesson on how to cling to the board. After that, smooth sailing (so to speak). We traversed 5 rapids in total and the entire time on the water lasted about 45 minutes. It was serious good fun. Quite the adrenaline producer in some places with dips and waves reaching up to 2 meters high! There was a safety boat following along with a photographer aboard documenting our trip down the rapids. Hilarious seeing stills of some peoples faces (mine included). If you have not done a HydroSpeed before, I highly recommend it.

Hot Springs

After the HydroSpeed, what better option than to soak our bruised and battered bodies in the famous hot springs. An hours drive from town, the hot springs are a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. There are a few places to choose from. Some more larny than the others with cafes and restaurants built around them. We opted for the more rustic one (not because it was cheaper but because it was about getting the local experience) which apparently was the most natural as well. There were about 10 different pools to choose from all with various characteristics. Some were colder, some deeper and some had steam houses built on top of them. We had in the pools for almost 2 hours which turned everyone into giant prunes. Entrance was 4000 Chilean pesos.

The End

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Pucon. The hot springs were great, the hydrospeed awesome and the town of Pucon really cool. Was also great having a campsite a stones throw away from town unlike Bariloche where we were stuck 13km outside of town! Anyway, next stop is Santiago and our final town / city in Chile before we head back into Argentina and then Bolivia.

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