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No One Lives Forever

Posted by on February 21, 2013


I have just finished publishing yet another season of Brazen Braden Plays! This time I delved into the secretive world of spies and their efforts to save the world from the attempts of world domination by evil power-hungry megalomaniacs. No One Lives Forever (a.k.a NoLF) is a fantastic FPS title sporting some of the funniest humour in its script and execution that I have come across. I played the second one years ago and that was a blast but keeping with my theme of playing old games will see me give NoLF2 a skip (unless requested by popular demand). If you have not yet played NoLF then go on and have a look at my play-through. Here is the link to the playlist.

No One Lives Foreve Playlist

Hope you enjoy it and keep your eyes peeled. Will be starting a new season on another title soon. Keep gaming! :)

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