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Back to Buenos Aires

Posted by on April 16, 2013


Truth be told, I just could not keep myself away. For the past 9 months, I have been floating around South Africa and Namibia. Found the most awesome job in Swakopmund as a software developer and life is going swell at the moment. Picked up running as my sporting activity of choice and trying to live a well-rounded lifestyle in general. I will at some point deliver a blog post about Swakopmund and all that can be done there. I should actually invest some writing time into Namibia in general. I just struggle to find time with the full-time job and well, I am lazy too.

The journey started off well. Let Swakopmund via Walvis airport. Transit in Windhoek and next thing I knew I had landed in Johannesburg. Joao (my best man) picked me up from the airport and I spent the night at his place after some good food and a chilled evening. Up at 5 and I was on my way to the airport. Today is the day I get to Argentina! Made a friend on the way to the airport and the good conversation helped pass the 5 hour wait until my flight. Once on, I got myself comfortable, buckled up and waited for take-off. What was rather amusing was something the air host said in the pre-departure speech. The weather conditions were not the best and so we were to expect some turbulence. He stated that “turbulence is not dangerous in any way. It is like visiting your parents-in-law for the first time. Uncomfortable.”. I may have snickered at that.

The plane was jam-packed with Chinese people and the amount of wailing and knashing of teeth that was done by the 100 babies and toddlers on board was something I could have done without. The 10 hour flight was exactly that, 10 hours. No escape to be had in the form of sleep. I did manage to distract myself with three movies during that time however (Rise of the Guardians, Jack Reaver and Life of Pi). I was rather surprised when I received my food before anyone else. The air host appeared next to my row, looked at me and asked “Braden King??”. “Ummm.. yeeesss?”. “You’re meal sir.. Bland.”. Bland?! *facepalm*. I remembered when booking the ticket they had a drop down menu of all the various meal options available. I just wanted the normal meal choice but couldn’t find anything to the tune of “normal” or “standard” and so randomly picked one. Why did I pick “Bland”?? It was exactly that. Flavourless fish with flavourless potatoes. No chocolates, no desert. Why would they even have this option. And not just once but twice! For both meals. Well, at least now I know yet I fear I have the same option selected for the flight back. Yay me! -.-

Anyway, that was my little travel adventure. I have since arrived in Buenos Aires where I was met by Flori “Little” and been running around like a mad chicken meeting these people and those people and everyone. I am staying at her house in the capital with her father and on our second night there, we went to visit her aunt who was having a birthday party. Lots of food, lots of family, lots of drunk singing! Still suffering from jet lag, I was struggling to hold on. We finally headed back to her place around 3am and upon entering the house, discovered that there had been a break-in. The back door to the kitchen was smashed open and glass was strewn all over the floor. Flori’s first thought was that she had not locked her room and so her laptop and all other expensive goodies would be gone. Surprisingly, the thief(s) took almost nothing. Every laptop, computer, playstation, cd etc was accounted for. All that was taken was some cash that had been lying around which leads me to believe it was a drug-fueled robbery. Anyway, after the initial shock had dissipated and the police had been spoke to, it was finally time for bed… 6am. (This is why I am still trying to recover from the jet lag)

All should be back to normal now. I have on average 6 hours a day in which to be productive and do some work. Just had to get this blog post done while my memory of the trip was still fresh. I will be writing more after visiting exciting and / or noteworthy locations or participating in thrilling activities. For now, I will say Chau muchachos. Hasta luego.

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  1. Estelle

    Hope you can change those “bland meals” online! :)

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