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No One Lives Forever

I have just finished publishing yet another season of Brazen Braden Plays! This time I delved into the secretive world of spies and their efforts to save the world from the attempts of world domination by evil power-hungry megalomaniacs. No One Lives Forever (a.k.a NoLF) is a fantastic FPS title sporting some of the funniest … Continue reading »

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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

Having some spare time on my hands, I have been actively recording gameplay videos for YouTube. Clive Barkers’ Undying is over and this time I take a look at Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. I enjoy playing the older games as they have a nostalgia value. Recording is done but I’m releasing an episode … Continue reading »

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Brazen Braden Plays! – System Shock 2

A little while ago I started looking into YouTube and how I could best utilize the platform for my up-and-coming adventures. After creating my account, the first thing I uploaded was a video taken of me jumping from the Durban stadium. Why? I had the video in digital form already and with just a little … Continue reading »

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