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Getting Around in Mombasa

When visiting any country, it is very useful to know of the various modes of transport in order to make your travels less stressful. Most if not all countries offer multiple forms of transport ranging from bicycles to complete underground train networks depending on your location and the general populations requirements. I will be looking … Continue reading »

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Hindu Temple Opening Ceremony

This video was filmed by my grandfather in Mombasa, Kenya – 1961. It is of the opening ceremony for the first Hindu Temple in the Nyali suburb. The original footage exists on a 8mm roll of film and I had to use my digital camcorder to film it when converting it to digital. You will … Continue reading »

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Driving in Kenya

Driving (or even just being a passenger) in a motor vehicle is generally a harrowing experience in Kenya. A multitude of reasons contribute to this and I think it would be useful if you knew of the dangers before jumping on the road and assuming that driving here is like in any other country.

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Birthday braai at Nguuni

Today we celebrate my fathers Xth birthday (need to ask permission before I plaster his age all over the Internet :P). Happy Birthday Pops!! To celebrate, it was decided that we should venture out to nature sanctuary and bird watcher paradise, Nguuni, which is approximately 20 minutes (traffic willing of course) outside Mombasa through the … Continue reading »

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We are at War!

On the Eve of October 15th, Kenya declared war on al-Shabab in Somalia. This drastic action has been spurred on by the recent spate of kidnappings in the northern regions of Kenya. If you recall, I wrote a post on the kidnappings just a few weeks ago. To add an update for those without Kenyan news, … Continue reading »

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Safari at Satao Camp

Guest post by Guillaume Schaack Last week I was asked to join a fam trip of German travel agents to the luxury Satao Camp ( in Tsavo East National Park to whom I should present our luxury air safaris. I started my journey by bus in the early morning in Mombasa and headed north. At … Continue reading »

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Another Weekend in Diani

What a difference it is to get out of the city for just a day or two. Headed back down to Diani with Philip, Granny Philip and Chantell for a weekend away. If you recall,  just two weeks ago, I was down there for a little camping excursion in tiwi (which is just 15 minutes … Continue reading »

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Terror in Lamu

I’m sure everyone has heard of the unspeakable events which have taken place in Lamu over the past month. For those who haven’t, there have been two separate cases of kidnapping by Somali pirates. You can read the news articles here: Summary A British couple visiting Kenya as tourists were attached at the lodge … Continue reading »

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