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Getting Around in Mombasa

When visiting any country, it is very useful to know of the various modes of transport in order to make your travels less stressful. Most if not all countries offer multiple forms of transport ranging from bicycles to complete underground train networks depending on your location and the general populations requirements. I will be looking … Continue reading »

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Hindu Temple Opening Ceremony

This video was filmed by my grandfather in Mombasa, Kenya – 1961. It is of the opening ceremony for the first Hindu Temple in the Nyali suburb. The original footage exists on a 8mm roll of film and I had to use my digital camcorder to film it when converting it to digital. You will … Continue reading »

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Driving in Kenya

Driving (or even just being a passenger) in a motor vehicle is generally a harrowing experience in Kenya. A multitude of reasons contribute to this and I think it would be useful if you knew of the dangers before jumping on the road and assuming that driving here is like in any other country.

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PADI Advanced Open Water Diving Course

A little while back I mentioned that I would be undertaking the PADI Advanced Diving course in October. As with most plans, they rarely if ever go according to plan (so to speak) and due to unforeseen events and other plans, the diving was put on hold. Although it’s a month late, I got my advanced … Continue reading »

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Mombasa – Part 3

So far we have covered the beaches, places to stay and eat, and all things water sport related. This (final) post will be looking at the tourist and must-see atractions available in Mombasa. The key things looked at with be Hallery Park, Mamba Village, Fort Jesus, Old Town and Jumbo Ruins. 

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Mombasa – Part 2

Mombasa has some of great water  sports and  activities. From the expected surfing, kite surfing and body boarding, to the more adventurous diving as well as the more extreme sky diving. This post will be focused on some of the popular water-based activities available here in mombasa. Water sports, diving, skydiving and fishing.

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Mombasa – Part 1

Its an unfortunate truth that one forgets the beauty and attaction of their home town/city/country. How many New Yorkers take the time to visit the statue of Liberty? Do French citizens visit the Louvre more than once? For the majority or people, the answer to these questions is no. I fell into the trap or … Continue reading »

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