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Who Am I?

Here I am :)

Braden H.M. King is my name (‘your majesty’ will do ;P). I am a recent graduate from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. I had the pleasure of reading a BSc (Information Systems) and I now run my own website design and development company, Griffin Studios. I am very much a geek and enjoy spending my time in front of a computer, endlessly staring through the ever-present blue screen of death. I have a nice set of spectacles to support this 8/

I have been most fortunate to have a wonderful family. We have been very big into travelling since I was a weeny popper (that’s smaller than a ‘teeny bopper’) and have experienced many foreign countries and lands. I guess, having grown up in Namibia, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya, I seem like a rather foreign creature to most too; however I digress. Yes, we are a family that has done a fair amount of travelling but unfortunately you don’t get to experience the world from the shoulders of your parents. ‘Disney World’ is NOT travelling. It’s a great experience yes, but its not the real, intense, cultural extravaganza that is the ‘real world‘.

This blog is my first step to diving into the aforementioned extravaganza head first. I now have a place of my own in which to share all my experiences :D